Thrixopelma pruriens

Tapinauchenius plumipes

Vitalius buchereli

Tapinauchenius purpea

Tapinauchenius gigas

Tapinauchenius gigas

Tapinauchenius gigas - The Red Tree Spider

T. gigas is an arboreal species only reaching about 5″, it is very fast and can be aggressive, however in my experience it would rather run and hide. The normal arboreal set up requirements, tall enclosure, 2″ vermiculite substrate and a piece of cork bark to climb and web on. as spiderlings they will feed well and grow fast, As nice as the spider looks, it is rarely seen as it will web up the entire enclosure. I have successfully bred this spider, it was quite a while to produce an eggsac, the eggsac hatched quickly, 5 weeks containing 194 surviving spiderlings.

Stromatoplema calceatum

Pterinochilus lugardi

Psalmopoeus cmabridgei

Poecilotheria rufilata

Poecilotheria regalis